Tuesday, September 29, 2015

'Improvements' at Brundholme Road, Keswick

The first eight images below show  Brundholme Road, Keswick, in June 2015. The images were taken from Google Street View and show the street scene with the original kerbstones, before it was vandalised (the official term was probably 'improved') in September 2015.

The next three images below show the replacement 'kerbstones', which were installed in September 2015. Note that they aren't even concrete, but plastic!

The final two photos were taken elsewhere in Keswick, in St John's St, just outside the nice, traditional Alhambra Cinema. These kerbstones are made of concrete, but, significantly, note that they have the traditional shape and size. If the kerbstones in Brundholme Street had to be replaced, why on earth didn't the planners stipulate a more traditional appearance, in preference to their monstrous and indeed rather depressing 'solution'?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ragtime Rascals

Happened upon the Ragtime Rascals in Penrith on our way back from the Lake District, bless them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Difference between icon and symbol

If the difference between icon and symbol is obvious to you, you can ignore this blog post. If not, this page on the DifferenceBetween.com website seems to describe the difference pretty well.

In essence (quoting from the DifferenceBetween.com page):
  • Both symbols and icons represent other things, but icon is a pictorial representation of the product it stands for whereas a symbol does not resemble what it stands for.
  • A symbol represents products or ideas, whereas icon represents only items that are visible.
  • Icons are restricted to graphical representation of objects and one can easily understand what they stand for. On the other hand, one has to learn what a symbol stands for, as it is not similar to what it stands for.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

YAC Number anniversary

I signed up for a free personal YAC number back in July 2000. In case you are wondering, YAC stands for You're Always Connected. The number still works after all this time. My main purpose has always been to "catch" incoming faxes, which are automatically and conveniently forwarded to email. The downside is that the service is relatively expensive for the sender (or caller, in the case of phone calls). Further info here, in case you are curious.

In any case, now that faxing has been consigned to the dustbin of history (I never had an actual fax machine cluttering my office, by the way), my number is basically obsolete, but I might as well hang on to it. For old times' sake, here is the welcome fax from YAC, received (as an email attachment) on 13 July 2000.